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Delivered Monthly!

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Try Something New

 Are you a first-time Natural Treat buyer? Unsure of the benefits of Natural Treat feeding? Would you like a convenient way of shopping for your beloved pooch? …Then Knine Camp Selection Boxes are for you!

All Natural

Natural treats are by far the best form of treat option, that are healthy and offer the most benefits. All of our products are hand-selected, 100% natural and of the highest quality

The Range

We offer a selection box that is delivered monthly, containing varying and differing amounts of fabulous natural treats, from Venison Strips to Tripe, Pizzle, Rabbit Ears or Fish Plaits.

Wonders of Going 


You’ll soon learn about the wonders of natural treats! You even have the option to request certain products that your dog enjoys the most or leave a comment for those fussy pupsters and don’t forget any dietary requirements too.

'Mini-Dach Munchies'

(Small Selection Box)



'Happy Staffy Snacks'

(Medium Selection Box)



'Big Boxer Box'

(Large Selection Box)



Now delivering weekly

Do you still have unanswered questions? 

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