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Delivery & Shipping FAQ

When will my selection box be delivered?


Your box will be delivered within the first week of the month; delivery week. (If ordered before the cut-off date, which is usually the last weekend of the month). We aim to deliver boxes when collecting/dropping of your doggies for their dog walk.


What if my dog isn’t booked in for a walk during delivery week?


If your dog isn’t booked in for a walk with us during delivery week, we will arrange a day and time when we can deliver your box, outside of our normal walking hours. Feel free to drop us a WhatsApp message if you require more detail.


What is delivery week?


Delivery week is our designated 7-day period whereby we will deliver our wonderful selection boxes, during the first week of the month.


What date do I have to order my box?


The date will vary from month to month, but it will usually be the last weekend of the month unless stated otherwise on our social pages and website.

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