About Us

Here at Knine Camp, we are a community, with dogs in all shapes, sizes and characters. We are very privileged in our job role, of providing care and enrichment for dogs in Stoke-on-Trent and the local area. We take pride in watching our dogs grow socially and enjoy interactions with other doggy pals on our walks. It gives us joy and vast amounts of job satisfaction… which is worth the cold and wet mornings, that is often the British weather!


Knine Camp was established in 2018 and we have some pawsome services, including: dog walking, dog grooming, doggy socialisation training and an online Market, where you can grab some yummy, natural and healthy treats for you doggies.

Our Aunties especially love hosting social events. Our annual Xmas jumper walk is always a hit and we are very much looking forward to planning our renowned Knine Camp doggy day trip to the beach and before you ask…Yes, the doggies do get to eat ice cream too!  


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We are never ‘just a dog walker'

...We are a family!

Our Values

At Knine Camp, we promise to keep all of our walks enriched, by:

  • Grouping similar personality dogs together, to ensure maximum benefit and fun,

  • Using positive training and games,

  • We change the location of every walk, as this provides mental stimulation with exploring different locations and new smells,

  • We never leave any dogs unattended in the van. All dogs that are collected throughout the day, join us on their allocated walks.


Meet our fur-baby loving team!

Auntie Sian 
Uncle Fraser
Auntie Charlotte 
Auntie Liz 

We are a family!



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