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Is this a subscription?


Currently we do not offer an on-going subscription service just yet, but you’re more than welcome to browse our website and enjoy taking a peep at the cutest dog pictures and videos, whilst purchasing your selection box each monthly basis.


How do I purchase a selection box?


The process of purchasing is super easy. Simply add your selections to the cart and follow the checkout process. Pay using a debit/credit card.


My dog has dietary requirements. Can you accommodate for this?


There is an option to mention any dietary requirements during checkout.


Can I request specific treats?


There is an option to mention any specific treat requests during checkout. Please do remember that we cannot promise that your box will contain the treats that have been requested, due to products varying each month, but it is always worth a mention as we will always try to accommodate where possible.


What do I get in a Natural Treat Selection box?


Each box will vary from month to month including a wide range of natural treats. This enables us to provide your doglets with a differing experience of goodies each month, helping to keep them stimulated by offering them new experiences. 

What types of treats should I expect?

The types of treats in each box will vary from month to month. They can include all sorts of weird and wonderful selections. And to name a few: Pizzle, Rabbit Ears, Buffalo Ears, Venison Sausages, Fish Sticks, Tracea and Chicken Feet. 


What is the difference in the boxes?


Each box will contain a range of the same products that have been selected for the month, but the amount will vary dependent upon which size is purchased. For example, the ‘Mini-Dach Munchies’ selection box is the cheapest box and will contain a smaller number of products when compared to the ‘Big Boxer Box’.


Does each box contain a specific number of treats?


Natural treats generally are not categorised by quantity. They are a naturally occurring product and are offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as a result they are not categorised by quantity, but instead by weight. The products inside each box selection is equivalent to the same value, even if the products inside may differ, taking into account which size box is purchased: small (Mini-Dach Munchies), medium (Happy Staffy Snacks), large (Big Boxer Box).

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